Oklahoma Hospitality
(Chris LeDoux)

  • Rodeo's Singing Bronc Rider (Chris' first U.K. LP only)

I'll tell you about a place I've been a time or two
Where those country folks all greet you with a smile
If you ever get a taste of their good home cookin'
I know you'll want to stay there for a while

It's the land of the Cherokee and the home of Will Rogers
Grass gets tall and cattle all get fat
And I know you'll always feel at home no matter where you come from
And you know Oklahoma's where it's at

Have you ever seen that Oklahoma country side
Or seen that wheat a wavin' in the wind
Have you know Oklahoma hospitality
If you have you'd want to come back time and time again

Now I come from way out west up around the Big Horns
But it seems like I'm always on the roam
And every time I head down there I don't ever worry
'Cause them country folks always make me feel at home




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