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Chris LeDoux Spins Tales of the West
tA COWBOY ABOVE ANYTHING ELSE, Chris LeDoux loves a challenge. In fact, it seems there's nothing the singer can't do.

LeDoux, who performs at the Hard Rock Hotel on Dec. 12, is a world champion bareback bronc rider, a cattle rancher, a builder, an award-winning bronze sculptor, a husband, a father and a cowboy. Did we mention that he's also a very gifted singer- songwriter? He's recorded 28 albums, fills 20,000-seat arenas, and has a devoted fan base that encompasses the old-timers who followed him on the rodeo circuit and the next generation that know him as a loud, rowdy entertainer.

A Wyoming native, LeDoux crafts poetic tales of western life with foot-stomping, head-bobbing music. Rock 'n' roll rodeo has become his trademark. He remains a favorite son of the rodeo culture, because he speaks for them.

LeDoux began writing songs in his late teens, while traveling from one rodeo competition to another. He had no thoughts of fame and fortune attached to his songwriting; it was merely something he liked to do.

"It started out as just rodeo stuff, because that's what I was consumed by," he said. "I wanted everyone to know what the rodeo lifestyle was like, how much I loved this sport."

LeDoux's passion for rodeo and zest for western life comes through in his latest release "Live." The album includes 17 live recordings of the singer's most popular hits, such as "Copenhagen," "Whatcha Gonna Do With A Cowboy," "Take Me to the Rodeo," "Gravitational Pull," "8 Second Ride" and more. As always, creator of rock 'n' roll rodeo is in top form.

Whether singing his own lyrics or somebody else's, LeDoux is true to the song. Don't miss a chance to spend an evening with a true singing cowboy.

Showbiz Weekly - December 02, 1997