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This is an article I found off the net a while ago, I do not know who wrote it but if someone can find it again I will list the link and who wrote it.e-mail me
I think that country music is the best kind of music for kids my age to listen to because the lyrics are not suggestive, and they do not promote violence just for the sake of violence like rap does. The lyrics talk about lost love, finding love, and the trials that love can cause.

Chris LeDoux is the greatest and most widely respected country singer because he is a true cowboy. He does not try to be something he isn't. He is just a down-to-earth, everyday cowboy who likes just a little bit of rock and roll.

Garth Brooks credits his success to a line in his first hit, "Much too young (to feel this damn old), he sings ".... a worn out tape of Chris LeDoux, lonely women and bad booze seem to be the only friends I've left at all." Garth even patterns his live shows after Chris' concerts. Charlie Daniels, one of oldest singers in country music, wrote a poem about him: Sing Me a Song, Mr. Rodeo Man.

Chris is the cowboy's cowboy. He triumphed over injury to win the saddle bronc world championships in 1976. His early songs are the stories of rodeo and cowboy life.

Chris isn't at home in the city and feels much more comfortable at home on his ranch in Kaycee, Wyoming. He sings in one of his songs, ".... If they ever saw a sunrise on a mountain morning or watched those cotton candy clouds go by then they'd know why I live beneath these western skies. I got peace of mind and elbow room, I love to smell the sage in bloom. Or catch a rainbow on my line. We've got county fairs and rodeos, and a better place for my kids to grow. Just turn 'em loose in the western summer time....."

He rodeoed for years, selling tapes made in a Wyoming motel room, songs written from the bed of his trailer on the back of his truck after rodeos. He loved the life on the road and when he became too broken up to ride anymore, he decided that he would try to stay on the road playing his music.

Chris LeDoux is very persistent. Even after being told by a publisher that there was no need for western-slanted material he kept going and even recorded 22 albums on his own before signing with a record company. The other 11 were with Capitol Nashville. His first album was released in 1972. Chris has put out 33 albums in the last 28 years. Yet his concerts are up-to-date and exciting. You will see people of all ages at one of his concerts. Grandparents, parents, teens and even little babies. Chris LeDoux is a self-taught man. He learned to play the guitar and the harmonica on his own, during the time he was winning little britches, high school state, high school nationals, and the intercollegiate championships.

At first he was more known for his rodeo legacy than his singing. He was even featured in the 1981 fall issue of Pro Rodeo Sports News.

Drawing on his first hand experience Chris spins a modern tale of the west, as clear and descriptive as any western novel written. Chris' songs range from country ballads to some country rock. One of his songs even tells kids that the use of Copenhagen is like a monkey on your back.