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Chris LeDoux Old News

July 23, 2003

It's cowboy poetry with a rocking beat. Filled with songs that exalt the western life, it's reflective at times, and just plain fun the rest of the time!

There's a core of strength that defines Chris LeDoux and his music. In HORSEPOWER, his 36th album, what you hear is a straight outgrowth of the life he lives.

I have to hear a song that just hits home in some way or another," says LeDoux. "We were able to find some great cowboy songs for this album. It's hard to find those true western type songs or songs about rodeo that ring true."

If anyone can judge whether a rodeo song rings true, it's Chris LeDoux, a onetime bareback bronc riding champion. He entered his first rodeo as a teen, about the same time he became absorbed in music.

"All of us at some level love music and when I was in high school I loved it so much that I just had to be a part of it - singing - even it was just for my own entertainment."

After making 22 albums on his own, LeDoux signed with Capitol Records in 1991. His fan base continues to grow, encompassing all ages, and his live shows are legendary for their rip-roaring excitement!

You'll catch some of that excitement when you listen to Chris LeDoux's new release, HORSEPOWER. It's an album that perfectly captures the power of Chris LeDoux. And, while supplies last, it's AUTOGRAPHED!

July 22, 2003

Chris LeDoux has a new album coming out TODAY, Tuesday July 22nd, called HORSEPOWER. Capitol just recently awarded him a plaque for sales over 5 million. He is playing the internationally famous Cheyenne Frontier Days in WY this week where he is going to be featured in a TV show that NHK, Japanese Public TV is shooting about the history and significance of Cheyenne Frontier Days. The show is a 2 hour documentary on Rodeo, focusing on the cowboy lifestyle and the history of Rodeo and Cheyenne. NHK acknowledges Chris as a part of that history and asked to film him for inclusion in the piece

Chris LeDoux Celebrates Career Achievement!

Cowboy country singer Chris LeDoux celebrated a belated career milestone Wednesday night (July 9) in Nashville. Capitol Records Nashville chief Mike Dungan presented with a LeDoux a plaque for 5 million total record sales, a feat that the former rodeo cowboy actually accomplished three years ago.

“Unfortunately, Chris had a little talk with God and had to leave us for a while,” Dungan said, referring to the singer’s life-threatening liver transplant surgery. During the ceremony LeDoux was also presented a gold plaque for his 20 Greatest Hits album. He told the crowd, “I couldn’t have done this without the help of a lot of people. They gently nudged this lazy old cowboy along to get out there and do this for a living. If it weren’t for them, I’d be singing to the sheep and the cows still.”

LeDoux’s 36th album, Horsepower, is set for July 22 release.


Capitol Records honored legendary recording artist Chris LeDoux with a party to celebrate record sales in excess of five million. Friends, family and the country music industry gathered to celebrate the singer's success. Capitol presented LeDoux with a Gold plaque commemorating his 20 Greatest Hits record and another plaque honoring sales of five million records with Capitol. The label also surprised LeDoux with a double-barrel Parker collectible shotgun. "I am amazed at how quickly the years have flown since I signed with Capitol," said LeDoux, "and I'm even more amazed at how many records have been sold in the past 12 years. My thanks go out to all the people who have been involved in making this day possible."

Its A Family Thing! 
Capitol Records - April 19, 2002

Amazingly enough, Chris LeDoux had never played the Grand Ole Opry before last week, and while he was cool as that proverbial cucumber about performing, his family was thrilled to bits. Mom, sister, brother and uncle were among his family members joining wife Peg in the audience for both the Friday and Saturday shows. Of course, Chris's performances were smooth as that proverbial silk.

Chris' Opry Debut 
Capitol Records - April 8, 2002

Believe it or don't. Chris LeDoux has never played the Grand Ole Opry. Until now. Chris and his band, Western Underground, take the hallowed stage on Friday, April 12 and Saturday, April 13 (those not in attendance can catch his performance on CMT's live broadcast of the Opry). No fireworks here. No mechanical bulls either. But count on Chris to rev the place up, even without the extras.

Chris's new album, After The Storm, goes on sale April 9. 

New LeDoux for You 
Feb 4, 2002

Chris LeDoux was in the studio this week, recording fan favorite “Bareback Jack” for his upcoming album, After The Storm, scheduled for release on April 9th. Chris performs the song when he’s playing in front of a hardcore rodeo crowd, but the only time he’s had it on an album was for his Live record.

When he’s not in the studio or on the road, Chris has been busy building a new barn on his ranch in Wyoming. He’s already built two log cabins on the property, and was sketching out plans for the barn while he was on the bus, traveling between concert dates. Once he got a plan he liked, he enlisted his sons to join him on the project and aside from having to wait out some windy weather, they’ve been barn-raising ever since.

Chris in near miss! 
Capitol Records - December 5, 2001

Chris LeDoux and his band got a bit of a scare on the road recently. After a show in Minnesota, they had a fairly long bus ride to their next gig in North Dakota. Everyone was resting through the night as the bus driver made his way through a middle-of-nowhere section of North Dakota - no lights, nothing on the roadside, lots of emptiness all around. Suddenly the driver was faced with a set of headlights coming toward him - a car driving in the wrong lane was headed straight for the bus. The bus driver pulled over to the shoulder on the right. So did the other car. The bus driver then pulled over to the left, where there was no shoulder in the road, and ended up in a ditch - but thanks to some skillful driving remained upright. The other car disappeared into the night, while Chris and his crew picked themselves up off the floor, and confirmed that, aside from a few scrapes and bumps, nobody had any injuries. Then they took a look at the bus. Also no injuries. But the area they were in had been hit by long-term flooding and the vehicle was firmly stuck in the mud. A rather large tow truck, and a friendly state trooper came to help Chris and crew out, with the trooper saying, "It sure is nice to meet you all, though I wish it had been in nicer circumstances - like a doughnut shop."