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PBR Chris LeDoux PBR Interview Article

This is an interview article from the PBR Magazine 1999 Vol 5 Number 4 by Marlo Morrison entitled Chris LeDoux "Roy Rogers meets Led Zeppelin"
Chris LeDouxDo you watch the PBR on TNN?
Yes, whenever I get an opportunity. In fact my son subscribes to Pro Bull Rider magazine.

Have you had the opportunity to meet any of the PBR bull riders?
Yes back in Tunica, Mississippi, I met the Carillo brothers, great guys. I also meet Tuff Hedeman in Stilwater, Okla., and he came on our bus for a little visit.

When you were rodeoing, were you buddies with the bull riders?
Well, we all knew each other, we'd see each other at the events. Mostly it would be those who rode in a particular even would hang out with those who rode in the same event. There definitely was an electricity when the bull riders rode! Everyone would cheer for them to stay on.

You have a song called "Bull Rider." Is that a true story?
This is a song about a guy whose buddy enters him in a rodeo, but to his surprise, finds his name on the bull riding list. Of course, he can't back down. He borrows a bull rode and "bucks up." I've seen it happen many times, one guy will call to sign up the other, and sign him up in the bull riding when he's a bareback or saddle bronc rider!

How has bull riding changed since your rodeo days?
There are a lot younger kids which I think makes for better riders. The breeding programs for the bulls have improved significantly. The bulls are at a much higher caliber.

What's your opinion on bull riding breaking out into its own entity?
In a way, it's sad because it's been a unity for so long. I don't blame these guys. In fact, I think it's great to see them build such an organization. The bottom line is, these guys put their lives in danger every time they get on a bull, so they deserve to be paid.

You must be impressed by the prize money available in the PBR today.
Yes, and it's so wonderful to see the growth. My best year I made $25,000. Of course, that was back in the '70s.

Did you try bull riding?
Yes, I gave it a try. But I just couldn't get it, so I thought I'd stick with something that felt more natural. It definitely is a different kind of high. An adrenaline rush, a giddy feeling. It is the "Ultimate High." I admire bull riders for their passion and the uniqueness each one of them has.

Do you have any words of wisdom or inspiration for these young athletes?
Follow your heart and give it all you've got and God Bless.

Your music has taken a change in style over the past few years, it's a little more "rock 'n roll" now. Why is that?
Well, I've always been a fan of rock 'n roll, so I decided to go out on the edge with "Even Cowboys Like A Little Rock 'N Roll" and I thought. "Well, this is either going to make it or break it.'' And sure enough it "made it." (chuckles) I may have lost a few fans at first but I think they've come around.

Chris LeDoux PBR Jacket



"How's This?" asked Chris when he was asked to show off the back of s new 1999 official PBR jacket. Photo by Marlo Morrison.

Starting this issue, Pro Bull Rider will feature a celebrity. This month, we start the column off with the well-known country rock star Chris LeDoux, who was the PRCA world champion bareback rider in 1976.
Chris once said, "My performance style can be described as Roy Rogers meets Led Zeppelin." In fact, Chris did a duet, "Bang a Drum," with rock star Jon Bon Jovi on his "One Road Man" album.

As Garth Brooks describes him, "he's a rocker with a cowboy hat." Chris LeDoux, now 49, began riding horses competitively as a young teen, eventually becoming the world champion bareback rider in 1976. Just as his music progressed, his singing/songwriting ability followed dosely, reflecting his life experiences. While rodeoing, Chris began writing and recording his music and selling his homemade tapes out of the back of his pickup truck. Those tapes generated $4 million in sales and that was just the beginning. 

To date LeDoux has released over 30 albums and performs 100 shows a year. Chris has no plans of retiring from the road, as a performer. "The road energizes you," says Chris. Chris' new release "20 Greatest Hits" Capital Nashville, reflect songs on Chris' 20-year career. "The variety of songs and amazing vocals by several of my fellow country performers make this collection shine." Garth Brooks, Toby Keith, Charlie Daniels and rock star Jon Bon Jovi all add to the variety.

If you are interested in obtaining this PBR issue you can purchase it from the super nice people at Fancorp 714-434-2579, tell them you would like the 1999 Volume 5 Number 4 issue.