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Gold Buckle Dreams,  The Rodeo Life Of Chris LeDoux

By David G. Brown

Gold Buckle Dreams Book Front Cover
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A hundred years ago, the American cowboy worked the plains and prairies, riding horses and roping cattle, fighting Indians, rustlers, weather, and disease. He did not always come away the winner. The hills are dotted with his bones, or the simple wooden marker which his comrades erected over his shallow grave. It was a rugged life, with long hours, short pay, and constant danger. It took a special man to be a cowboy -- both then and now.

The prairies have vanished and the great cattle drives are history, but the modern cowboy still rides and ropes, still spends hundreds of hours away from home and still carries the proud heritage of his forefathers. He's a professional rodeo cowboy. Gold Buckle Dreams is about one such cowboy: Chris LeDoux, the 1976 World Champion Bareback Rider. But more than that, it is the true story of a clean-cut, gentle, quiet, and unassuming American cowboy who made a dream come true. And in the process discovering--and willingly paying--the price it takes to become the best in the world. On the road, Chris meets up with all you'd expect to encounter while trying to make it in the most dangerous sport on the North American continent: the heartbreaks and camaraderie, the knocks and injuries, in adequate prizes, long dry spells between wins when cowboys are sleeping 16 to a room and living on pork & beans, the help and advice of veteran rodeo cowboys, the crazy antics, pranks, and practical jokes, and the hard-won victories.

Showcased are some of the hundreds of rodeo and cowboy songs that Chris LeDoux has written and performed over a decade, songs about his life and the lives of other cowboys and ranchers. If you've ever listened to one of his tunes on your radio, now you'll understand the meaning behind those hard-earned memories.

Even if you've never been to a rodeo or known a real live cowboy, if you've ever had a dream or reached for the top, Gold Buckle Dreams is a must-read for you.

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