My Original Chris LeDoux 8-Tracks

Here are pictures of the 8-tracks I have so far.  If you are interested in selling any of your Chris LeDoux 8-tracks please let me know, I would like to complete my collection.

Western Country 8-Track

Paint Me Back Home In Wyoming 8-Track

This is the eighth album of songs by master balladeer, Chris LeDoux. His songs are pure western country. His thrust and direction are sure and his songs truely authentic for he's a real-life rodeo cowboy, the 1976 World Champion in bareback riding.  He rides out of Wyoming and sings out of Nashville where he can get the very best of the studio musicians. Since 1972, he has literally taken "rodeo in songs" around the world and is now known by the well earned title ... "Pro Rodeo's Singing Cowboy."

Front: This album, the ninth for 1976 World Champion bronc rider, Chris LeDoux represents his continuing effort to put REAL "western" in country music.  Chris has lived the world of rodeo for more than half his 30 years and has made his home in Wyoming for almost as long.  His love for the west and rodeos clearly shows in the songs he writes himself and those he chooses to record that others have written.

Sings Rodeo Songs Old And New 8-Track

Western Tunesmith 8-Track

Back: This album was created especially for the rodeo fan by one of country's top professional cowboys, Chris LeDoux. He sings the rodeo songs, "Old & New."  

Rodeo Songs 8-Track

Rodeo & Country 8-track

Back: In the songs of this album, Chris LeDoux portrays a way of life that few people know much about, and even fewer can understand - the crazy and perilous existence of the professional rodeo cowboy.  A space-age descendant of the trail drive cowboy of a century past, the contemporary rodeo cowboy till dreams of the end of the trail. The National Finals Rodeo in Oklahoma City.  LeDoux knows as much about the life of this "jet set" American athlete as any man can, because he is one of them ... it is his life, too. From his first entry into the youth rodeos in Wyoming, through the western college rodeo circuit, up to his rating as one of today's top professional bronc riders. LeDoux symbolizes what the professional cowboy is ... and why the quest for prize money cannot explain why he does.