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A Cowboy Was Born
(Jeremy Spillman and Clint Ingerstoll)

She was holding her breath
And he attempted a prayer
And he was cussing the dust
Rising up in the air
'Cos the old cattle trail
Well it weren't anywhere
For a baby to draw its first breath

And the unbroken West
Well it was no place to live
'Cos it was hard to survive
And it was Hell if you did
So he entered this world
With a pair of clenched fists
And the first and last tears he'd shed

And the longhorns lowed him a welcome
As a new voice cried from the buckboard
And the Irish they sang sad and lonely
'Cos they knew a cowboy was born

Well the Berry closed in
And a century passed
The settlers plowed under
The tall prairy grass
And the cow town's died off
In a world changing fast
But the wind kept the spirit alive

'Cos a young boy in Kansas;
He caught a breeze one day
And in a five-second rush
He was fighting for eight
He saw it all so clear
Through the dirt on his face
He knew he was born to ride

And the long lost heir to the saddle
finally found his way back home
As he picked up his hat
Well the crowd cheered
'Cos they knew a cowboy was born
Yea that day a cowboy was born

From the heroes in the bright lights of Vegas
Through the poets of the sage and thorn
A proud legacy of a nation
Thank God the cowboy was born
Yea thank God the cowboy was born


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