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A Cowboy's Just Got To Ride
(Chris LeDoux)

Well you mama finds it hard to understand,
Why her lovin' son wants to be a rodeo man.
And your daddy had a whole lotta great big plans for you,
You hate to disappoint him but you gotta other things to do.

Now, your best girl thinks it's time you settle down.
You finally graduated and she's ready for a wedding gown.
But there's a great big world just waintin' out there for you,
And if she really loves you she can wait another year or two.

And nobody really knows how you feel inside,
The road gets rough and the goin' gets tough, but you know you've gotta try.
And there ain't no way they're ever gonna change your mind.
Don't everybody know that a cowboys got to ride.

Now your high school buddies say man, you've gone insane.
Don't you know rodeo is a crazy, foolish game.
But you can see in their eyes a little jealousy,
They're all workin' 9-5, you're footloose and fancy free.


Don't everybody know that a cowboys got to ride...


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