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Back When We Was Kids
(Gary McMahan)

Well I grew up in the shadow of the Rockies
In the grand old West, yes sir I did
And dammed if we didn't have us a bunch of fun
Back when we was kids

Yea there was manure on our britches
Snuff pouchin' out our lip
And hat's so big you can almost tell who's under it
Yea we all had horses it was always a race
It was real important who got there first
We sneak along some of the old man's whisky
Just to quench our little thirst

We looked like a bunch of hon yaks
But we could ride like Casy Tibs
And we still had to learn how far we could go
Before we learned when to quit

Yea we scratched where it itches and clowned around
There wasn't nobody who could kick our hound
Just throwin' knives and shootin' guns
Generally have in a bunch of fun
Well the mommas all thought we were angels
And hell we let 'em go right ahead
But the old man had a hew more savvy in him
And a feller had to be careful around him

Yea wars were fought on contact
And the wild seeds were sown
And we always spent our money like
We found it in the road

Well one thing lead to another
And before we knowned it, it was gone
But I'll give you a hundred dollars
Just to have some more of them goings on


Yea it's a lot of fun learning how far you can go
It's kinda hard learning when to quit
But I'll bet you already know


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