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Calico Moon
(Gary Vincent/Doug Gill)

The calico moon was rising that night
Shining like gold on the water
Me and my brother we hijacked a row boat
Set out like Huck Finn and Tom Sawyer
Oars dippin' diamonds
As we rowed across the lake
An owl sang to who knows who
Lost in the wonder
Under the calico moon

The calico moon lay soft on your skin
It was a night that I'll always remember
Our hearts filled with fire
Holding each other
Love flowed as wild as the river
We talked of how we were meant to be
And how sometimes dreams do come true
We were young lovers
Under the calico moon

Now that old moon has rolled around so many times since then
And here we are still gazing at the night
We're captured in the magic of its spell again
You and I

The calico moon wakes in the east
And hangs on an amber horizon
When I see its light dance in your eyes
It reminds me of how lucky I am
Where would I be if I didn't have you
Lord only knows what I'd do
Thank God in heaven for you
And the calico moon


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