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Cowboy Up
(Wood Newton/Joni Harms)

I was the new kid on the circuit,
Gold buckles in my eyes,
But the horse i drew was plenty rank,
In much to my surprise.
I did a double back flip,
And landed on my head,
This old cowboy limped out into the area,
Leaned over me and said.

You gotta cowboy up,
When you get throwed down,
Get right back in the saddle,
As soon as you hit the ground,
You've heard that the tough get going,
When the going gets tough.
Well round here what we say is,
Boy you better cowboy up.

By the end of my last season,
they said i was among the best.
So i proudly called the girl back home,
Hoping she'd be impressed,
But her mamma said that she,
Married a guy that I used to call my friend,
But before the first tear could fall,
These words came back again.


Well its not an easy lesson,
To learn in life and love,
But its the only way to go,
Whenever you bite the dust.


Well round here what we say is,
Boy you better cowboy up.


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