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Daddy's Biggest Dream
(Duke Pack, Robert Pack)

I parked my old pickup behind the holdin' fence and rosined up my riggin
Cause my old daddy said if I ride hard and take care of my gear I'd make it big
But lookin' back I see that I've been on this circuit since i turned eighteen
And now I'm crowdin' thirty and I've yet to fill my daddy's biggest dream

He gave me the hatband from the tail of that old bronc that broke him up
And he said that if I'd wear it every time that I rode that it would bring me luck
His superstitions must be comin' true cause i drew the best dang horse that's in the string
And here in Oke City with some luck I'll fill my daddy's biggest dream

My riggin's set I'm all siked up I nod my head to turn him loose and limb
He blowed out the chute and come down on all fours and started in a spin
Then he came around the other way but I'm ready for just dang near anything
And if I can stay five seconds more I'm gonna fill my daddy's biggest dream

The pickup mans beside me and Lord I can't really believe my ears
Well I rode him past the buzzer and the crowd Lord just listen to the cheers
They announced I have won the finals and I reckon that makes me the bareback king
But above all that I know that I've filled my crippled up old daddy's biggest dream

With the help of that old hat band and the lord I filled my daddy's biggest dream


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