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The Ballad Of Dawson LeGate

Writer/Performer: Red Steagall

He hung his old saddle up high in the barn
He's made her a promise his cowboyin’ is done
Said I've won them big buckles done all I can do
Now I'm ready to spend my last years here with you
Said we'll break out the flat lands that ain’t been plowed for years
I'll plant wheat and white oats they'll do well up here
And I'll buy us some baldies to run in the hills
And I'll break out some bad ones to help pay the bills

He made it alright till the harvest was done
His feet started itchin he wanted to run
He quietly entered the Calgary Stampede
And the first that he took just put wings on his feet
And she cried when he showed her the money he'd won
She knew at the first light of day he'd be gone
But he promised he'd quit when the season was thru
He'd be home to plant wheat fore winter
winds blew.

Cause the winters get long up Alberta way
Cloud's get so dark seems there's no light of day
And the long nights get lonely and cold while she waits
As she dreams of her cowboy named Dawson LeGate.

Well summer went fast he was ridin ‘em all
He placed high at Cheyenne a first at Sioux Falls
He was sendin home money his intentions were good
But then life for a cowboy don't go like it should

He drawed him a bad one at Frisco that fall
A mean one to ride was a chute fightin hoss
The first jump he stumbled fell and he rolled
His neck snapped like straw Dawson's body grew cold

Now the bad weeds have taken the flat lands again
There's a few strands of wire where fences had been
And the baldies are starvin in the hills where they graze
While she's rockin the first son of Dawson LeGate

Chorus x 1


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