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Dirt And Sweat Cowboy
(Chris LeDoux)

Well, Lord I love this ranchin' with it's ropin' and brandin'
But I don't like that farmin' at all
Well It's goodby for the Summer
This hayings sure a bummer and I'll be back to help you gather in the fall.

Well I don't mind riding fences but them tractors are wrenches
I ain't never liked and I guess I never will
Just give me my horse and saddle or some woolies or some cattle
And turn me loose and let me ride out thru the hills.

'Cause I'm just a cowboy a dirt and sweat cowboy
Livin' on beef steak and beans
I ain't to hard to please
But mister you better believe
I ain't never had no use for farm machines.

Well there ain't much romancing in old fashioned branding
But Lordie it suits me just fine
Oh the dust and the smoke's enough to make a feller choke
But have you ever had to ride one of them old combines?

Now my grandpa was a farmer, a Michigan black land farmer
And he worked with them machines the whole day thru
But I bet if he did some roaming thru the hills of old Wyoming
He'd probably feel about the same way that I do.

I reckon it's bad fate I was born a hundred years too kate
And they say, boy if you want to survive you'ed better change
But as long as sagebrush grows and that old Powder River flows
I'll be a cowboy 'till my dying day.


Well I think I just heard a discouraging word
About them rattleing banging smoking farm machines.



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