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Fourth Of July Rodeos
(Chris LeDoux)

Just about two hundred years ago
They signed that declaration
Tellin' everybody in the whole wide world
They're gonna start a brand new nation
From that day on the Fourth of July has been a holiday
To the rich man, poor man, and everybody but the cowboys in the R.C.A.

Well, I get on the phone, and call the airlines
Rent-a-cars and Greyhound stations
'Cause I've entered 'bout thirteen rodeos
Out across the great big nation
Got the car tuned up, the tanks full of gas
I've got money in my hand
And if I ain't overdrawn by the end of the week
At the bank, I'm a lucky man

It's the Fourth of July on the rodeo trail
And it'll drive you insane
My wife's worried home by the telephone
I'm on the road again
It's the Forth of July on the rodeo trail
If I ever make it home,
I swear I'm gonna to hang up my hat,
Put up my riggin' sack,
And for a month I'm gonna stay right there.

Well I've been on the road about three days now
And I haven't had a minutes rest
There's dark circles all around my bloodshot eyes
And my face is now a whiskered mess
Boy, I'd sure like a bath and a home cooked mean
But for now I must be satisfied
With this double super-duper, half cooked burger
And a side of grease soaked french fries

Well, the week's nearly over and I wonder to myself
Will I ever make it home alive
When a bronc fell on me up in Calgary
When he slipped, tryin' to make his high dive
And the plane and the pilot that we rented
Looked like surplus from World War I
And I thought many times about suicide
But I haven't found myself a gun



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