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Gravitational Pull
(Butch Curry/Ray Methvin)

Well it's a source of speculation
Mornin' noon and night
'Bout who is and who ain't
Which way's wrong or right
I'd describe the feelin' but shoot
I don't have a clue
And if the truth were known darlin'
Well neither do you

For a long time now
I've been tryin' to figure out this whole rigamarole
And you know it seems to me
There ain't nothing nowhere that's been written in stone
About the how or why love can turn a body upside down
It's all mud and guts and bar-b-que sauce
And finger painting the town

It's the strongest attraction in the universe
Ain't nothin' better baby ain't nothin' worse
Study after study, nobody understands
The gravitational pull between a woman and a man

It'll lift you up and knock you down
And take away your common sense
It'll plant your feet on solid ground
And fill your heart as a consequence
And her words will make you thirsty
For a drink from her deep well
And his tears are gonna burn you like hot lava
And make you feel like hell


So girl when it comes to you and me
And the kind of love we fell in
Well I don't want no Betty Crocker
Without just a dash of Mae West thrown in
I want to go outside and dance with you
Barefooted in the pouring rain
With the lightening crashing all around
And people saying we've gone insane



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