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Hobo Dreams
(Jake Brooks and Tony Bessire)

Pouring rain has grounded
All the planes out of Louisville, Kentucky
So I bought me a railway ticket
I had to close a deal in New Orleans
When a hobo by the track
Said he was going to ride the rails to Arizona
I had to fight the tears
That weld up in me

Cause a ragged old hobo
Is really better off than me
He ain't nothing but a hobo
But he's livin' his hobo dreams

I got a brand new car and a house a good 'ol job
In the suburbs of St. Louie
And the woman in the gateway to the west
She made me everything I am
But my three-piece suit is gettin' tight
The walls are closin' in down at the office
Lord I've been too cautious
With all my best laid plans


Said son you outta come along and watch
The eagle's fly in Arizona
You'll never see an eagle fly
With neon light reflecting off his wings
As he climbed into the rail car
His last words echoed back like crashing thunder
Lord if I was younger
Well I'd ride me a different train


He ain't nothing but a hobo
But he's livin' his hobo dreams


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