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Hoka Hey, Lakotas
(Chris LeDoux)

Come listen while I tell you the story
Of a battle that happened years ago
Where brave men fought and died for their people
Where the waters of the Little Big Horn flow

For many years the Indian fought the White Man
I guess they knew the end was growin' near
But this time they would show the Whites forever
What it meant to be an Indian warrior

That mornin' General Custer came a marchin'
From the south with his 600 men
He planned to catch the Indians a sleepin'
He didn't know he wouldn't live to fight again

Hoka Hey, Lakotas, It's a good day to die

Sittin' Bull made medicine on the mountain
While Crazy Horse got ready for the fight
Some 2,000 braves, Sioux and Cheyenne
Prepared for their battle with the whites

The scouts for General Custer tried to warn him
To wait for soldiers comin' any day
But Custer didn't want to share the glory
He thought the Indians might just get away

At noon Custer gave his final order
And the're beneath that blue Montana sky
From outa nowhere came the hordes of Redmen
And as they charged he heard their battle cry

Hoka Hey, Lakotas, It's a good day to die

The quiet of the day had now been shattered
The air filled with arrows, smoke and lead
The bloody battle lasted just one hour
Custer and his soldiers all lay dead

Now the wind still blows across the prairie
The seasons they come and they go
But this the Redman's Day of Glory
We will all remember ever more

Yes we recall that famous day of glory
The Battle of the Little Big Horn

Hoka Hey, Lakotas, It's a good day to die


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