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(Chris LeDoux)

While driving down the last four miles of gravel road to home
All the old familiar landmarks seem like long lost friends
As he pulls in to the ranch he see's his mom hangin' out the wash
And dad is ridin' down the old yellow with old smokie
He never realized what a good cook his mom was
I guess he took a lot of things for granite
But for the past year he has been living on blogne burgers and beans
And he thinks he just might stay home for awhile
Well there's a dance in town tonight
And he figures he'll just go in and see some of his old friends
Well he runs into Bill and John and they ask
Where all he's been and about the bulls
Well then from behind him he hears someone call his name
He turns around to see a beautiful young lady
He doesn't recognise her at first but then it dawns on him
This is the same skinny little girl who use to tag along with him back in high school
My how the flowers grow
Well they danced and talked about things
And somewhere around midnight, for the first time in his life
The cowboy realizes he is fallin' in love
And you know what I guess it was bound to happen


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