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I Can't Ride The Broncos Anymore
(Chris LeDoux)

Well a man can't spend his life in reflection,
Just thinkin' about the way things used to be.
So I'm gonna take myself a new direction,
And make myself some brand new memories.
Well I spent lots of years out on that highway,
Ridin' buckin' horses for my grub.
But now I make my livin' with this ole guitar.
And just like Rodeo it's in my blood.

And now I'm gonna sing my cowboy music,
With a country feelin' and a little touch of soul.
And I hope you people take a likin' to it. Yes I do!
'Cause I can't ride the bronco's anymore

Now I make you a wager, that I've been in your hometown.
Ridin' broncs in your big rodeo,
But now the only time you'll ever see this cowboy come around.
Is if I'm singin' in a country music show.


My whole body's gettin' to dang tired and sore.
And there's a lot of parts on me that don't work no more..


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