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I Do It For Me
(Steve Buttell)

Meet a rodeo cowboy in Billings
Killing time, trading stories and beer
And asked him how he made a living
Riding broncs and bull doggin' steers
Well he smiled as he tipped his hat slowly
He said friend it ain't all like it seems
While some folks are makin' a livin'
Others are livin' their dreams

And some cowboys ride for the buckle
Some for the rodeo name
Some like the sound or the thrill of the crowd
And others got no place to stay
Some do it for love
And others for money
Some ride for glory or fame
But through all of my seasons
Of all of the reasons
I've stayed on this circuit for me

I said I've been on this suicide circuit
For the best part of fifteen long years
Don't let this ol poker face fool you
Because beneath it a measure of fear
I've been beat, I've been down, I've been busted
Til my body was cryin' with pain
Take a couple of days
And shake it all off and you do it all over again


I've stayed on this circuit for me




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