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I Don't Want To Mention Any Names
(Larry Cordle, Lisa Palas)

I've got a story to tell, would you mind listening.
I can always count on you we're such good friends.
And I need to talk about my situation and
you're the only one who'll understand.
Now someone's got designs on my baby.
He's making her intentions very plain.

We both know this ole guy that I'm talking about,
But I don't want to mention any names.
Well he's asked her to slow dance way too often.
He's made suggestions I don't like at all.
I'm trying to let him know that
I'm wise to his game, but I don't wanna mention any names.
Well I can understand why you'd want her.

Oh you've even said yourself she's quite a prize.
He's about a good of friend as you are.
Come to think about it he's just about your size.
If he don't back off there's gonna be some trouble.
I'm prepared to make that very plain.
I sure hope I've said enough, and just between the two of us.




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