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I Got You
(Chris LeDoux)

We'll I've been up
And I've been down
I've been over
And I've been around
I've been in
And I've been out
I've had some thinks to shout about
But I know I won't strike out
If I got you.

Well I've been good and I've been bad
I've been happy oh I've been sad
Had the world right by the tail
Got the wind below from my sails
But I know I'll never fail if I got you.

As long as I got you to talk beside me
Well I'll never let no problem get me down
Well there ain't no problem
Touch enough to ride me
Or to throw me to the ground
As long as your around.

Well I've been wrong and I've been right
I walked in darkness and I've seen the light
I was lost and now I'm found
Got my feet back on the ground
I know I won't drown I got you.


Well, I've been weak and I've been strong
I've felt the blues in a country song
Senn my dreams go up in smoke
Been at the end of my rope
Now I know I won't choke if I got you.




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