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I'm Country
(Chris LeDoux)

Well there's a little word and it fits me to a 'T'
I don't know how you spell it but its country and that's me.
I laugh when I'm happy and cry when I'm blue
Cuss when I'm mad like I'm s'posed to do
On a Saturday night I'll have a drink or two
And howl at the moon I'm country.

I chew tobaccer and I spit it on the ground
I talk to the cows when no one ain't around
I've trapped on the mountain when the snow's fallin' down
Yes sir boys I'm country

I'm as country as bronc on the Western Plains
Just as wild and twice as hard to tame
As high on living as a noon day sun, Yaa!
I'll be country 'til the day I'm done.

City folks think I'm crude I guess
You can tell I'm a hick by the way I dress
But that don't matter I'm as happy as can be
And proud as heck that I'm country.

Well there's nothing wrong with city if you like it that's fine
Drivin' them freeways racin' 'gainst time,
But I bet you folks in the back of your mind,
Kinda wish you was country, don't ya.


Come on boys keep singing them country songs who knows
maybe we will just convert some of these city folks into
country folks and they'll all move out to the country
and then the country wont be country anymore. Hold on
I just gave ya one side to the whole picture because

Country is heat and dust and snow
Where the winters get down to forty below
And the works is hard and the pay sure low
And it ain't all roses being country.

Hang in there folks don't do nothin' foolish now
You got yourself a nice high paying job air conditioned offices
Yea you got movie theaters right on down the street there
You got yourself a city park too, now that's country
And there you don't have to worry about no rattle snakes
Biting on your leg
Or no abdominal snowman coming down and tearing off your head
Or nothing like that there



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