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Love Needs A Fool
(Michael Dan Ehmig/Michael Lunn)

She lived for the thunder
He lived for the rain
She was born in Manhattan
He grew up near Spokane
He found her sittin by the side of the road
Her long hair shining like that black Texas gold
They had nothing in common except the need to move
So they headed for somewhere further along

Dust devils were spinning out across the fields
That bridge was a burning underneath their wheels
That old muddy river was a running wild for that
Western boy and a sweet yankee child
She was more of a woman that any girl he ever knew
He had no idea what his world was coming to

Love needs a fool
How 'bout you
How 'bout you
Love needs a fool
How about you

Ol' white picket fences by the side of the road
Hanging on broken hinges too weak to take the load
Just like that old farm boy when he wrapped her in his arms
He knew he'd never hold her long enough
To tame that young girl's heart
But he loved her with a fever that went way across the line
And by the time that the sun was high she was holding on
Through the tears she cried


You gotta be fool enough
To believe in love
If you want love to believe in you


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