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Misfortunes Own Son
(Gary Sefton)

Wild horse he wonders up high on the mountain
He grazes on short grass where better winds blow
He's headed to nowhere with no time to spare
Storm clouds are building and lookin' like snow

With tight reins and curb chains can't handle or hold him
He don't fit in fences he's way to high strung
His freedom don't fit him and nobody needs him
He's just an old wild horse, misfortunes own son

The old cowboy looks at his ropes and his riggin'
Their all he has left that's worth caring about
Well him and that leather went through hell together
It seems like their both getting close to worn out

Well there ain't too much call now for his kind of cowboy
There aren't enough wild horses out there to run
Besides he too old but that's all he knows
He's just an old cowboy, misfortunes own son

Wild horses and old cowboys two of a kind
Yesterday's heroes the time left behind
Wild open spaces are fast closing in
Misfortunes own sons you wont see them again

Wild horses worry for snow on the mountain
No peace in the valley, full of highways and towns
The old man just spent his last day in the saddle
There's no reason to ride now the old days are gone

But you can't hardly blame them for trying to hold on to
Their own way of life now it's over and done
Just lonesome reminders left over survivors
The old cowboy and the wild horse misfortunes own son



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