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Montana Rodeo
(Gary McMahan, Bob Frank)

There's a rodeo in Montana
Where they come from miles around
Where they throw the hooligan
And a bunch of beer cans
All over that little cow town
From Friday night to Sunday afternoon
The party goes on non-stop
Ranch hands and rodeo fans
are drinking up the very last drop

And they all head for Montana
At the foot of the Great Divide
To tie one up or tie one on
Or to tear it down or ride
So if you're lookin' for a rondavue
Where the Wild West never dies
You best make it on up to Montana
On the right day in July

Now there's some college boys from Missoula here
School is just let out
They got a keg of beer on a tub of ice
In the back of a brand new Scout
Well they're all longhorns and as sure as you're born
They'll be checkin' those honey's out
And the girls in the cut off jeans
Might just show 'em what its all about

And there's Indians from the ranches
All dressed up in cowboy clothes
Snap button shirts and silver belt buckles
And boots with pointed toes
Short hair Stetson hats
Wiggin' on a jug of Yellow Stone
Well they look more like cowboys
Then the cowboys I have known

And there's some hippies here from God knows where
A puffin up a cloud of smoke
They got hair down past their shoulders
And their clothes are a national joke
They got beads and leather and bells and feathers
And moccasins for shoes
Well they look more like Indians
Than the real live Indians do

And then there's barrel racers and a bull riders
And bronc stompers to boot
Struttin' their stuff like Peacocks
Out in back of the chutes
Tight Levis fancy chaps
Spurs with five star rowels
And the bull just stands there chewin' his cut
Lookin' wiser than a tree full of owls




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