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Mountain Wild Man
(Chris LeDoux)

There was a man that lived in the hills all by himself
Chin whiskers' hangin' off his face
In the tree there's a hangin' Bull Elk
The only friend he's got in this world, is a big old Wild Cat
That sleeps down at the foot of the cave
Kills off the big rats

I think I'ed like to see this guy
Well I might just maybe
But everybody in the little bitty town
They say he's crazy
I asked a fellow what the story was
Asked him just what happeded, he said
"Boy sit down let me tell you about this mountain wild man"

Mountain Wild Man up on the mountain
Mountain Wild Man up on the mountain

He had a job and a wife and a little bitty boy
And things were just fine
Till he caught that woman out a runnin' around
And it kinda' messed up his mind
So he went to the bar and he had a few drinks'
And he did a lot of thinking
He could either kill that cheatin' woman
Or drown his sorrows drinking

Well he knew he couldn't kill that cheatin' woman
Or they'd put him in a prison
And his heart and pride were too damn strong
For him to go to drinking
So he broke the bonds of society and started walkin'
He bought a rifle and an ax and a big Bowie knife
And went to the mountains


Boy I'm gonna tell you something
Your momma probably never told ya'
Just what she never told you 'bout your pa
And why he left you
Now you've heard the story of why he left this land
We;; boy I know who your ps is
He's the "Mountain Wild Man"




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