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National Finals
(Chris LeDoux)

A rodeo's just a rodeo, after riding several years
From ol' Cheyenne to Houston, they never cause too much fear.
But let me tell you about one that will chill your very soul.
It happens in December, when it's snowin' and it's cold.
In Oklahoma City there's a building of concrete,
It's where the toughest stock and men will gather and compete.
The points have all been tallied and the stock has all been brought.
We've got just two more hours, 'cause it starts at eight o'clock.

It's the Finals, the NFR, the "Series" of the sport.
Hey rookie, can you take ten head, have you got the heart?
You think you're a tough cowboy - we'll find out in the end,
When that final whistle blows and the stock's all in the pen.

The coliseum's quiet, except for the sounds
Of cowboys getting ready, and the workmen of the grounds.
The cowboys ask each other, what each other's got -
"Did you draw ol' Necklace, or pluck old Double-Ought?"
The tension now is mounting as the crowd starts pouring in,
A shiver goes all through me, like from a cold, cold wind.
I hear the horses comin' runnin' down the alleyway,
They're snortin' and a blowin' as men shut the sliding gates.


We had too much time a while ago, but not enough time now,
The Anthem is now over, the grand entry's going out.
I sit there on my bronc - I'm ready and I wait,
I hear a chute gate open, so I look out through the gate.
A horse comes boiling out and blows up at the roof,
And then there comes another, kicking like a curly wolf.
I hear the chute boss holler, through the yelling of the crowd,
He says, "There's one ahead of you, so you'd better get screwed down."


I nod my head, I'm in a daze, the horse goes boiling out,
I run my spurrs into his neck and then I drag 'em out.
My mind is in a blur, my eyes are seeing red,
The flank catch slams into my back, his rump bangs on my head.
From somewhere in the background I can hear a buzzer sound.
My hand's jerked from the riggin and I crash into the ground.
I stumble to my feet as I stagger to the wall,
I wonder to myself, "Is it really worth it all?"




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