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Not For Heroes
(Chris LeDoux)

There are songs about the heroes and the great things they have done
And the hell they went through to get this far
But this song is for the cowboy who never been a hero
And the hard times he goes through all the while
And all that he's got goin' is his pride

He's never been a hero and he probably never be one
But in his heart he knows he gave his all
My hat goes off to you my friend
And to the champ you might have been
If Lady Luck had smiled on you at all.

He gives it all he's got, but it's never quite enough
Oh, the Lord and him alone know how he's tried
But he'll try and try again, although he'll never win
And all that he's got goin' is his pride.


The bones are just too tough, and he doesn't have enough
Of what it takes to make it to the top
What makes him want to go - well, Lord, I guess I know
He loves it too damn much to ever stop.

He bites the dust once more - gets up to hear "no score"
Then he stumbles to the chutes to ease the pain
And underneath his breath he cusses to himself
I'll ride him if I get the chance again.


If Lady Luck had smiled on you at all.



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