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One Ride In Vegas
(Brett Beavers/Deryl Dodd)

He's packed up his boots and his saddle
Seventeen, headin' out on his own
And he'll rodeo from Cheyenne to Texas
Dreamin' of one ride in Vegas
One ride in Vegas

Lonely nights in rundown motel rooms
Aches and pains from yesterday's ride
It's takin' more than he thought he could give it
But he's holdin' on for one ride in Vegas
One ride in Vegas

And he's riskin' it all, driven by a hunger
That never will let him give up
And with fire in his eyes, he dances with thunder
Till one day his day finally comes

His heart beats fast with anticipation
Brighter lights than he's ever seen before
He's waited his whole life for the next eight seconds
And he'd do it all again for one ride in Vegas
One ride in Vegas

He's an old man now, four times' world champion
A modern day legend, every cowboy knows his name
He's settled down on his ranch down in Texas
But he'd trade it all today for one ride in Vegas
One more ride in Vegas


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