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Real Life Buckeroo
(Gary McMahan)

Well, I ain't the type of cowboy that you'll see on T.V.
I wasn't near as pretty as Mama wanted me to be.
Well, I grew up on the ranches, just cussin' all day long,
Breakin' in them broomtails and hummin' old dirty songs,

Whiskey tends to make me high, and sad songs make me cry,
And pretty women break my heart almost every night.
Well, I run on beans and nicotine, I'm a real live buckeroo,
And my heart's not pure and my boots ain't clean
And I never tell the truth.

Well, if there's anything under my hat besides the cattle biz,
Well, I just can't seem to remember what it is.
Yeah, my thinkin's kinda crude, but my lovin' gets plumb rank,
Them girlies just don't understand me a-snortin' 'round their flanks.
And when I take a nasty fall, I'll cuss until I'm blue,
Then I'll get right up and on again, just like you're s'posed to do.
But it ain't because I'm so brave - all that stuff's just talk,
My daddy says the reason is,
I'm dumber than a box of rocks. Yea


This song ain't bout no Strawberry Roan or no ram page herd of steers.
This is just the type of cowboy song that you probably don't like to hear.
This song ain't got no message and won't feel perty in yer ear,
This song is just one of them there well this song is just one of them there these here



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