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Rodeo Cowboy
(Glenn Sutton)

I meet her in Wyoming at the Cheyenne rodeo
Just a girl in blue jeans and eighteen at the time
I remember how she cheered the day I rode a horse called Midnight
And I hoped that someday that cowgirl could be mine

She followed me to Denver where we became good friends
We'd sit around the chutes and talk while I was killin' time
I'd laugh and tell her stories but I'd never mention stayin'
For the next town and the rodeo were always on my mind

I'm a rodeo cowboy I follow the circuit
Where top money's paid that's where I'll be found
The only thing I own is a suitcase and a saddle
Rodeo cowboy I'll never settle down

In Salt Lake City Utah I told her that I loved her
But still she knew I wasn't born to be the settlin' kind
For with tomorrow's sun I'd pack up my ol gear bag
And leave all thoughts of her and all the hundred miles behind

The last time I saw her was in Amarillo Texas
I'm still in love with her although she can't be mine
But I hope she'll keep the shinny silver buckle that I gave her
Says All Around Cowboy of 1969



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