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Runaway Love
(Chris LeDoux)

Bluebonnets line a hundred miles of texas highway
All the way from Katy to downtown San Antonio
The sun's so hot I feel the steam rise off the Chevrolet
If you can stand the heat we'll drive on down to Mexico

Well, I got some money; we can make it to Laredo
We'll drop off our troubles in the mighty Rio Grande
Come on sugar ain't you my amigo
We can build our castles in the Tapico sand

I got the wheel baby you can have my shoulder
We'll find forever in the stars up above
No need to worry, you can slide on over
We're ridin' high on a runaway love
We're ridin' high on a runaway love

Ten thousand kisses blowin' through me like a hurricane
Should've left that one horse town a long, long time ago
We'll shoot tequila, watch the sun set over yesterday
We'll cross the border babe and we're on cruise control

I know its crazy and we might be takin' chances
But goin' nowhere was more than we could stand
I'll be your Romeo; you can be my spanish dancer
I'll play guitar in a mariachi band


We can leave it all behind
Ain't no tellin what we'll find
Ain't got nothin to lose
I got you by my side
Lay back and let it ride
We'll be dancin' bearfoot by the light of the moon




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