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(Chris LeDoux)

When he was 5 years old his mom took him down to the round corral, to
watch his dad work the young horse they called Smokey
Man, did that horse buck
But his old dad just sat up there and rode him like there was nothin' to
it, Right then, the boy gained a whole new respect for the man
And from that day on, he knew that when he grew up he wanted to be a

Seventeen, cowboys' dreams ain't on fixin' fences
Once he's seen 'em ride in old Cheyenne
Ranch routine and his old man's schemes

This ain't where his heart is
But you know his daddy understands

Noonday comes, father and son sit down and eat their dinner
Beneath that big Wyoming sky
His daddy knows he's gotta let him go
The boy can't be a winner
If he don't spread his wings and fly

And in his mind he's riding bulls down in Las Vegas
Soon he'll be on a train that leads to Santa Fe
Sweet voice of freedom echoes down the ages
Calls another cowboy on his way

Fencin's done and the morning sun finds him packed and ready
Momma kissed his cheek and then she went inside
His old man, well he shook his hand, said,
"Son, you ride 'em pretty"
Didn't see the tears that his momma cried



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