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Simple As Dirt
(Tommy Conners/Phillip White)

Been like a rollin' wheel
In these fertile fields
Since I was five years old
Between then and now
I bet I've pulled this plow
About a million miles or so
I have never been nowhere
Oh but I don't care
To me there is no where else to go
And in all and all I am
Its just who I am
It's as complicated as new plowed earth
Simple as dirt

I love my wife and kids just like my daddy did
And my daddy's dad before
And their philosophy was handed down to me
Life is as easy as a hard days work

Well I live my life one day at a time
That's the only way I know
Oh lord I have paid my debts and have no regrets
And I reap the things I so
And I'll keep pulling weeds and planting seeds
Until I reach the end of the road
But you can lay me down
This familiar ground
And all my stone carve just three words
Simple as dirt


Simple as dirt
Been like a rollin' wheel
Through these fertile fields
Since I was five years old


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