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Slow Down
(Kim Williams/Kent Blazy/Garth Brooks)

I used to laugh with an old friend
'Til the busy world pulled him away
Every now ad then I see him again
But he's not the same man I knew yesterday
His smile just grows smaller and smaller
And the worry lines fill up his face
Lately, I'm thinking the next time I see him
Just what I'm gonna say

Slow in the mirror slow down
You're running too fast to see what life's all about
This world ain't a fire for you to put out
The best times are here and now...slow down

Some days I look back on the hard times
And they really don't seem all that bad
I've got to admit I like what I got
But God I sure loved what I had
It's only on to top the mountain
After burning your life at both ends
You look back to see what you want to be
Is exactly where you've always been


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