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Some Things Never Change
(Jennifer Pierce/Garth Brooks)

Rising times at five, the red sun is still sleeping,
My pillow is my saddle, stars are my ceiling,
My cold body is ackin', I got a young colt needin' breaking.
But you know I can't complain,
Thank god something's never change.

There is a storm somewhere that's brewin',
Cause these old bones are creakin',
The cows will soon be down,
That ole roof's a leakin'.
Got a truck that needs attendin',
And some fences needin' mendin',
And I know it must sound strange,
But thank God something's just never change.

They fenced in all the free land,
And the oil wells run the range,
Long gone are the cattle drives,
Since they brought in the trains.
But the hard work and the friendships still remain,
Thank God something's never change.

Out here where nature rules,
Each day is a different battle,
And it still takes a man, working in the saddle.

No machine can break a bay,
Or bring in a lonely stray,
So I guess I will remain,
Thank God something's never change.


Yea it looks like this old cowboy will still remain
Ah buddy, thank God for that
Thank God something's never change.


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