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Someday Soon
(Ian Tyson)

There's a young man that I know, just turned twenty-one
Come's from down in southern Colorado
Just out of the service lookin' for his fun
Someday soon, going with him someday soon

Her parents cannot stand him, cause he rides the rodeo
They say he's not her kind he'll leave her crying
If he asks she'll follow him down the toughest row to hoe
Someday soon, going with him someday soon

Oh , when he visits her, her pa ain't got one good thing to say
got a hunch he was just as wild in his younger days
Oh blow you ole blue northerns, blow him back to her
He's likely driving back from California
He loves his damned ole rodeo as much as he loves her
Someday soon, going with him, someday soon

Oh blow you ole blue northerns
blow him back to her, Some day soon going with him Some day soon
Someday soon, going with him some day soon


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