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Something In The Wind
(Billy Shane)

There's something in the wind
That's blowin' through my soul
And it's calling out to me
Saying boy its time to go
There's a restless feeling in my heart
That just wont let me be
And a rustlin' in the leaves
That says it will soon be time to leave

You know I'm tryin' hard
To try and settle down
But sometimes late at night
That old feeling comes around
And I know I should be happy
With my woman by my side
Cause she loves me and she needs me
But I've got the urge to ride

And I know my woman loves me
I love her just the same
I love it when she holds me
And softly speaks my name
But this feeling still keeps callin' me
That I just can't explain
So I'll hold her in my arms
'Til the feeling goes away

I spent half my life a driftin'
I guess it's in my blood
Since I found a dream worth while
Lord you think I'd had enough
But this akin deep inside me
Says boy lets move along
Gotta keep myself from leavin'
I can't do my woman wrong


Yes ill hold her in my arms
'Til the feeling goes away


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