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Sometimes You've Just Gotta Ride
(Trey Bruce, Craig Wiseman)

His name was Twister he lived in the pasture
Right down from my daddy's farm
They say there's a cowboy who once tried to ride him
Now he's mending fences with only one arm
On my way home from school somehow he always knew
Just when I'd come walking by
And he'd stand at the gate like the keeper of fate
And we both knew that one day I'd just have to ride

Now one crack of dawn well I slipped my boots on
And walked out towards that just rising sun
My heart skipped a beat when I heard his four feet
Pounding down on the red dirt like it was a drum
He walked up against me as if to convince me
His heart was easily tamed
Then I came to staring up at the blue and the black
With a handful of mane

Well I thought he'd go one way but he went the other
I'm lucky I even survived
You can't always sit on the fence while the world passes by
Sometimes you just gotta ride

Well, the years have gone by since that morning I climed
On that shadow that cut through the fields
My shoulder still hurts when the weather turns worse
Sometimes you find the strength in the wounds that don't heal
Between horses and heartaches, women and mistakes
I've been through more than I should
But I strapped a saddle across every battle
And held on as long as I could



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