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Sons Of The Pioneers
(Chris LeDoux)

Way out west where the wild wind blows
The eagle flies and the sage brush grows
Traditions are holding on you'll be glad to hear
They're being keep alive by the Sons of The Pioneers

Like that young cowboy from old Montana
He's got boots and spurs and a black bandana
He rides the wild prairie rounding up the steers
just like his daddy he's a Son of The Pioneers

From Texas clear up to Idaho
From the mountains to the plains
They got the blood of Crockett and Geronimo flowing through their veins
The wild old west is changing some
But traditions persevere
They're being kept alive by the Sons of The Pioneers

There's a gal down in Texas with a great big hat
She likes roping and dancing and things like that
And if you need a hand at your branding she'll volunteer
She's a wild prairie flower and a daughter of the Pioneers

He's got braids and hat with an eagle feather
He rides wild broncs there ain't none better
His great granddaddy was a chief on the wild frontier
And he's a proud son of the original Pioneers


They're being kept alive by the Sons of The Pioneers


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