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Sweet Wyoming Home
(Bill Staines)

There's a silence on the prairie
That a man can't help but feel
Shadows growing longer now
Nipping at my heels
I know that soon that ol' four lanes
That runs beneath my wheels
Will take me home
To my sweet Wyoming home

I headed down the road last summer
With a few good friends of mine
They all hit the money Lord
I didn't make a dime
The entry fees they took my dough
The travelin' took my time
And I'm headin' home
To my sweet Wyoming home

Watch the moon smilin' in the sky
Hum a tune a prairie lulla-bye
Hear the wind
An old Coyotes cry
Song of home
Sweet Wyoming home

Now the rounders all wish you luck
When they know your in a jam
But your money's riding on the bull
And he don't give a damn

Well there's shows in all the cities
The cities turn your heart to clay
It takes all that a man can muster
Just to try and get away
The songs I'm use to hearin'
Ain't the kind that the jukebox play
And I'm headin' home
To my sweet Wyoming home

Well I've always loved the ridin'
There ain't nothing quite the same
Another year might bring the luck
Winnin' of the game
But there's a magpie on the fence pole
Who's callin' out my name
And he calls me home
To my sweet Wyoming home


It's a song of home
My sweet Wyoming home


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