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Take Me To The Rodeo
(Chris LeDoux)

Well the cars broke down it's in the ditch
Wish I was the son of someone rich
I'd throw hundred dollar bills out on the road
And I'd catch me a ride to the rodeo

There's a mule deer layin' by the road ahead
He ain't sleepin' he's damn sure dead
Venison frying in the blazing sun
Hey I need a ride come on someone

My cars broke down I ain't got no money
Stuck out on the road
Hey I need a ride won't somebody
Take me to the rodeo

There's a buzzard circlin' up in the sky
He's lookin' at me with those beady eyes
Well I don't know but I got a hunch
He'd rather have me than that deer for lunch

Right now I wish I'd stayed in school
But I had to be a rodeo cowboy fool
Now I bet my daddy'd sure be proud
If he could take a look at his son right now


Here comes a blond in a Cadillac
She's got the top rolled down and her hair tied back
She don't look she don't even slow down
She just keeps them wheels rollin' around


I need a ride


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