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That's What Loving You Means To Me
(Al Anderson/Craig Wiseman)

Hey I'm a man, I'm a guy, I'm a dude
I'm a dose of double trouble if I get attitude
You can see I'm hard working by the sweat on my brow
If I don't know something about it better bet I'll learn how
I been tattooed by a few battle scars
No I ain't somebody somebody can push too far
You're just a shade over five foot two
Oh but girl with just a look you get me shaking in my shoes

You say jump and I'll say how high
You say do and I don't say why
You get a lock and baby I'll be the key
That's what loving you means to me
You toss the stick and baby I'll fetch it
You set the time and girl I'll stretch it
I'll be your everything from A to Z
That's what loving you means to me

Well I could live to be a hundred and I'll never understand
The mystifying power woman has over man
I could set my mind to walk across a bed of hot coals
But the thought of life without you makes my blood run cold
I remember declarating as a younger man
That there weren't a woman out there who could fence me in
But you got me wrapped up like a belt in a buckle
Down on my knees girl you got me crying uncle



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