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The Last Cowboy In Town
(Jimmy Helms)

In a little Texas town at a bar by the rodeo grounds
You can see him ridin' in every Saturday night
Well there ain't no hitchin' post
But his horse has got so old
He'd stay in front of that bar if he stayed all night

He sits on the same 'ol stood
Watchin' the boys play pool
Holdin' a can of Pearl beer in his calloused hand
We don't know how old he is
He never had no wife or kids
But they say he never back down from any man

He once had spurs that jingled jangled
He once had girls that loved to tango
With a handsome young cowboy so long and so tall
Well it's been years but I'm sure he recalls them all

He's never owned a suit
And there's holes in both his boots
And he don't give a damn unless it rains
Well he lives his life that way
But he still recalls the days
When every cowboy in Texas knew his name

And holdin' up his faded jeans
Is a belt we've all seen
It's the only thing he owns that still looks new
He just wears it Saturday night
So that belt buckle still shines bright
It says All Around Cowboy 42


Now midnight he's always stoned
And most of the crowd's gone home
And he rides his old horse to the rodeo grounds
Well he closes his eyes and hears
A million rodeo fans cheer
But he don't know he's the last cowboy in town

CHORUS X 3 to fade


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