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The Last Drive-In
John Grubb / Kim Chadwick Tribble

Caravan of yellow wire, and crawling across the plains
Rolling along in a single file, like a slow moving train
It rumbled down out of the mist, into the early morning light
Said they stay 'til the job was finished, if it took them 'til midnight
There were cats & scrapers all caterpillars, packed up by mile high crane
And it looked like monsters from the old b movies, the drive-ins use to play

And we'd sang good bye Saturday under the stars
Wake up little Suzy in my daddy's car
So many memories got lost and found
When a piece of history hit the ground
The day they tore the last drive-in down

Memories thick as the smoke clouds they made, man and machine became one
Boards snapped like toothpicks on their blades, but to us it sounded like guns
Cowboys, soldiers, gangsters, and thieves, James Bond and his golden girls
Well you could sit in your car and never turn the key, and go half way around the world
And it stood like a landmark for forty years, we never thought we'd live to see
It fall it to the ground and then just disappear, like so many childhood dreams


A lot of the drivers had tears in their eyes, but I don't think it was just the dust
See I still believe there's a little piece of that old drive-in left in all of us
Nobody moved through what seemed like hours, and slow motion it came tumbling down
We just stood there with a taste of metal in our mouths and a silence all around
The day they tore the last drive-in down



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