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The Life Of A Rodeo Cowboy
(Hank Cochran, Jeannie Seely)

Well it really has been nice bein' with ya
But I'm afraid that I've got to leave
As you know I'm a rodeo cowboy
There's a rodeo down in Mesquite

That's the life of a rodeo cowboy
Breakin' broncs or getting' broke
That's the life of a rodeo cowboy
And that's the only life I know

On the day you think your day is gonna be the big one
And I'll be walkin' away with all that they own
But then your lyin' hurtin' hearin' someone sayin'
Ah give him a hand that's all that cowboy is taking home

Hot beer and cold stale hamburgers
Makes a meal sorta hard to enjoy
And it kinda makes you think of your momma's chicken
Ah but that's the life of a rodeo cowboy


When your down and your really feelin' sorry
Well you go for a drink in some bar
Then someone points at you and you hear him whisper
Hey over there stands a rodeo star

CHORUS X 2 to fade


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