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The Only Road You Know
(Tom Mclvor)

The rodeo is over
And the crowd has all gone home
And you have time to walk around
These lonely grounds alone

You see the empty buckin chutes
Where broncs and bulls have stood
You think about the way they fired
The bad ones and the good
You ask yourself what calls me on
Why did I ever go
And leave my loved ones far behind
To follow rodeo

Though you haven't got a dime
You know just where to go
You'll pack your hat and riggin' sack
To another rodeo
Some folks say that you're a bum
But you know that isn't so
You are just a happy guy
On the only road you know

You bucked down at Mount Isa
When you got hot from the swell
And you missed one out at Alice Springs
But they said you spurred him well

Feeling bruised and battered
And your sprits mighty low
You hear the highway call you on
To another rodeo


Yes you are just a happy guy
On the only road you know


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